M-Commerce + Social + Influencers + Diversity = Covet Fashion! 

Sure, maybe Covet Fashion just happens to be our Operations Manager’s favorite app of all time, but that’s certainly not the only reason we’re spotlighting it in this month’s newsletter.

This month, the team at Crowdstar in Burlingame, CA has rolled out a new update adding 50 new models in all shapes, sizes, and skin-tones to the game which were created to “embrace all forms of beauty.”



In a world that fights to represent diversity in all facets of life, it makes sense that same diversity would be represented in our apps, which are becoming more and more necessary in our everyday lives.

Fashion apps and the Fashion Industry aren’t the only ones who should take note of Crowdstar’s unique stand on mobile gaming, User Acquisition teams in general can learn a great deal from their multifaceted and incredibly smart approach to user retention and engagement.

What would a great fashion gaming app be without the option to see that great outfit you designed in your own closet? That’s where Covet Fashion’s amazing user engagement journey begins. In the app, not only can you piece together a great look, those items you’re shopping for are actual items on sale by a wide-range of legit fashion designers like Rebbeca Minkoff and Cynthia Rowley. Simply click on an item and you’re deep-linked right to that item on the designer’s commerce site. Covet Fashion even partners with top designers to create looks only available to Covet users to purchase…



Going one step further to give their users the best possible gaming experience, Crowdstar has built in a social component called “Fashion Houses” where you can form a team with up to 49 other women from all around the world to support, inspire, and WIN together in real-time, complete with a chat feature, sharing closets, and team challenge events.

If an M-Commerce and Social element weren’t enough to officially make this your new favorite app, how about top-tier celebrity influencers who are known for their great street style? Women like Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev, Emma Roberts, and Gabrielle Union have all been featured celebrity influencers on the app, where they can be digitally dressed up for all kinds of great events. Hudgens went as far to pick out her favorite “date night” outfit submitted by a user, and wore it out.



So- looking to play, develop or market a gaming app with real staying power? Be inspired by the great people at Crowdstar by marrying aspects like m-commerce, social media, interactive celebrities, and a whole lot of diversity.

  • Posted by Ashley Jiminez
  • February 2, 2017

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