Media buying has never been faster


Introducing Koneo DSP:


A programmatic, real time mobile media buying platform powered by Koneo technology that allows
you to bid anywhere in the world for quality tested traffic.


Technology powered


By using our own in-house developed bidder – we can make sure minimum downtime and maximum results.
Our tech team is constantly performing improvements to our bidder – making sure it stays fast and strong.
Supported by over 20 data centers worldwide, our bidder currently enables 100K QPS.


Quality driven


Utilising a mix of in house data and industry used traffic and ad check tools – Our AI ensures the safety
of the ads we display – and of the traffic we provide along with full GDPR compliance if needed.


YOU focused


Supply? Demand? We care about both sides
Thanks to our technology we can bid for traffic at the fastest pace, while reducing traffic waste to a minimum  – this allows us to reduce our margins. The result is simple:
The publisher is paid more, and the advertiser pays less.


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