Why Koneo?

Koneo Mobile’s USP is a two part answer; our technology and our experience in mobile performance marketing.

Our technology allows us to:

  • – buy high volumes of users across hundreds of acquisition sources in real-time
  • – target high quality users and deliver positive-ROI results (algorithm for automatic optimizations
    based on s2s post-install events)
  • – provide detailed reports (weekly & monthly) to analyze your spend, KPI attainment, optimization efforts
    and monitor performance on all of your campaigns
  • – proactively analyze the sources of traffic to identify and avoid fraud

Our experience allows us to:

  • – align our efforts with your goals and KPIs for each campaign and region
  • – Leverage insight from previous campaigns to further target our media buying and running with specific
  • – Take full responsibility in delivering positive – ROI results – no additional time & resources
    commitment needed from GGS.
  • – Build deep, trusted and collaborative relationships

Koneo Mobile strives to establish long term partnerships with game publishers. We understand that this is a data driven business and ultimately, we will be judged on the performance of the new users we help you acquire but firmly believe that establishing an open, transparent and collaborative partnership is key to long term success.


What platforms are you operating on?

iOS & Android

What is your inventory source?

60% Mobile web and 40% in-app display.

Do you have your own direct relationships to inventory?

Koneo utilizes more than 25 exchange API’s and have established more than 50 own marketplaces with direct relationships.


Do you target on iOS and Android?


Can you target by device model and OS version?


What type of targeting do you offer?

Location, Zip Code, Geo-fencing, Demographic, Contextual – All on a global scale


Are you integrated with the top tracking providers?

Yes, including Tune, Cake, Appsflyer, Adjust, and Kochava.

Are you able to pass pubIDs (siteIDs)?

Yes, we pass back the PubID and siteIDs


What is your pricing model?

Our standard pricing model is CPI, but we also work on a CPA, CPL, CPO, CPC, CPM model as well.

What is your avg bid within your system to win auctions (ie. $5 CPI)?

CPI depends on many factors, including GEO, vertical and OS. Normally we have rev-share seals in our market place, fix prices for placements per month and/or CPM/CPC deals allowing us to be competitive and offer great quality of traffic at a wide range of CPIs.


Can you optimize to a post install event (multiple events)?

Yes, and passing back post install events are mandatory as we depend on this data to effectively optimize (and quickly) towards positive results.

How is campaign optimization handled ie. Your system, your internal team (manually), or our team?

It is a combination of all of the above! Our internal analytic tool combined with our experienced publisher team will handle the bulk of the optimizations. We will be proactive with our feedback and steps toward optimizing however your proactive and regular feedback is also very important.


What creative ad sizes do you support?

We can support all creative sizes in our system.

Where do you get the majority of your impressions (ie. 60% 320×50)

Most common: 320×50 20%, 300×50 5%, 300×250 40%, 728×90 30%

Creative Fabrication?

Not yet, but this is something that we are developing and should be ready in Q1 2017