iOS 10 Updates + Mobile App Marketing

September was an important month for Apple, their fans, and mobile marketers alike. With so many changes introduced with the iOS10 update, it’s easy to wonder what could change for Mobile Marketers. Here’s what we can expect with all of the new developments:

iMessage App store

With iMessage already reaching close to a billion people daily, it’s expected that Apple wants to invest in making it a richer experience and profitable platform. Users now have built-in search gifs, hand-drawn texts, and the new dedicated App store that includes apps in many categories: Entertainment, Food & Drink, Games, Lifestyle, etc.

Apps and stickers in the new App store can be either extensions of their original apps or stand alone, meaning that they are created solely for iMessage. With such a massive distribution opportunity, we could see more developers gearing towards creating iMessage-friendly apps.

Ad-tracking limitation

With iOS 10, whenever a user enables “Limit Ad Tracking” in Privacy settings, the IFDA will pass along the new value of “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.” This will be impossible for ad networks and sites to target or track the user even though the purpose could be for serving him or her more relevant and non repetitive ads.

Right now, there’s about 17% users who have “Limit Ad Tracking” enabled on their devices but this new update might actually start forcing Advertisers to go with more intrusive tracking methods like fingerprint-based matching solution.

Rich Push Notifications

With a visual leap from iOS 9, push notifications on iOS 10 can now support and display images, GIFs, audio and video files. Not only that, there are also new actions embedded ranging from generic commands like “confirm” and “snooze”, to more complex ones like making a purchase or replying to messages.

Given the declining opening rate each year, such changes will likely help enriching push notification experiences and opening up more opportunities for marketers to communicate with their customers; potentially leading to a higher engagement and conversion rate.

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  • November 24, 2016

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