Partner Integration & The Value of Relationships

Trusted – Unique – Innovative

That is the philosophy by which Koneo Mobile operates.

For me, it meant that I got to spend the past few weeks with our amazing team in the San Francisco office. But as great as it is to spend time with my co-workers here, my trip had a more serious goal – maintain and build client relationships and trust.

SF is the tech hub, and presented the perfect opportunity to set up face to face meetings with all of Koneo Mobile’s trusted Tracking Partners, such as Tune, Adjust, Appsflyer and Apsalar. It was a pleasure to meet my counterparts there, learning more about their platforms, the partner and advertiser side, and their features to deliver the best possible users to our clients.

As tracking is a central aspect of user acquisition, understanding the ins and outs, the people behind the scenes and the tools needed is essential. Each click and install generated has to be tracked, and tracked correctly – without discrepancy. Tracking platforms are the key for smooth and accurate tracking. Establishing deep relationships with our tracking partners, strategizing with them about new opportunities and learning their tools hands-on enables us at Koneo to deliver the best possible results for our advertisers. Knowing the integration on both ends, its potentials and weaknesses, is indispensable when working with big sets of data, analyzing it towards the clients goals.

My Ad Operations team has dedicated their focus to maintaining these relationships and ensuring accurate tracking for all advertisers and publishers. Utilizing the established connections and newest technologies, potential issues get solved more efficiently and effectively – in most cases are prevented.

With the combined expertise of Koneo Mobile’s team and its partners, we will continue to innovate the mobile space having the best interest of advertisers and publishers in mind. I am personally driven by this mission and can not wait for the great things that are to come.

I am looking forward to a bright future of User Acquisition!

Thank you for reading!

  • Posted by Inga Petersen
  • November 24, 2016

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