With iOS 14.5 now in Beta, SKAdNetwork is expected to be released in the early Spring. Currently, SKAdNetwork 2.2 is available, and we expect more iterations of this release to come out, with further functionality, before iOS 14.5 is released.

Full SKAdNetwork Guide you can find here that explains everything you need to set up the Koneo platform to handle the SKAdNetwork framework the right way.

SKAdNetwork, and the IDFA changes in iOS 14.5, fundamentally changes how attribution is done in the mobile performance marketing space. Specifically, as it relates to the following:

  • IDFA (the iOS Advertising Device ID) – Usage now requires explicit user consent and the opt-in rates are expected to be very low. Most of the advertisers already decided not even to ask the users for permission. This effectively ends the IDFA as a reliable identifier of users.
  • Attribution – Apple is effectively taking attribution in-house in an effort to ensure user privacy. User clicks will no longer be routed through any third party attribution provider (MMP).


  1. Loss of IDFA eliminates the concept of user-level tracking.
  2. Attribution Postbacks will be delivered by Apple directly to the end points defined by Ad Networks. This forces all networks to prepare and adapt to these changes quickly.
  3. Each Ad Network must register directly with Apple and obtain an Ad Network ID. Each ID will be limited to 100 campaign IDs which will be used to track campaign performance down to publishers, placements, source IDs etc. This reduces the level of granularity available with current setups.
  4. No redirects will be allowed. This poses a significant challenge in terms of tracking real-time performance, delivery of campaigns, and detecting fraud.
  5. Postbacks will be delayed by 24 hours and more, which eliminates the ability to measure click-to-install time or event time.

If you’re an Ad Network, Agency or Publisher, you need to register as an Ad Network – Register with Apple Here

Publisher Integration Guide

Advertiser Integration Guide